Hawaii Lineman’s Rodeo

Picture this: instead of bouncing on top of cattle and horses, or wrestling with hogs and other farm animals, teams of linemen scamper up 40-foot poles in seconds to perform various tasks that are a bit intimidating to us mere mortals. “A lineman’s rodeo is a recreational competition among utility linemen which showcases their agility, skill, & training used on the job every day.”

This rodeo comes to Hawaii for the first time, bringing 35 teams to “our backyard” at the Old Airport Park. The competition day is Saturday, February 23, 2013.

I’ve contacted the HECO event coordinator (Monika Nabarrete, Tel: 808-543-5809) to see if there can be some connection for interested high school students. Stay tuned. In the meanwhile, check out the websites for more details on the event and information on the career.
Hawaii Lineman’s Rodeo
Linemen job

UPDATE (8 January 2013)
Volunteer opportunities available for interested students and teachers. Contact Monika (e-mail: <info@hawaiilinemanrodeo.com>) for more information.

Rodeo Setup – The 1st 2 weeks of February

  • Pole planting by HELCO Journeyman linemen crews

Rodeo Expo – Friday, 2/22 @ the King Kamehameha Hotel from 9am – 3pm

  • Lineman Supply Vendors will be promoting their goods & services to the participating Journeymen Lineman

Current list of the exhibitors (Please note that their displays will be geared toward existing professionals & no job soliciting will be permitted at this function):
1. One Source Distributors
2. Philips/Advance
3. TE Connectivity, Energy Div
4. Utility Composite Solutions International
5. Fluke Corporation
6. General Electric/Control Technology Co.
7. Houston Wire & Cable
8. Bulwark Protective Apparel
9. Altec Industries
10. Osmose/Ikaika
11. Klein Tools Inc
12. IBEW Local 1186
13. Tyndale Company
14. HD Electric Company
15. Buckingham Manufacturing Co.

Rodeo – Saturday, 2/23 @ the Old Kona Airport from 8am – 2pm

  • Volunteer opportunities – Setup, Clean, or Breakdown
  • There will be HELCO & other energy booths providing educational & probably job information
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