Hawai`i Youth Conservation Corps (HYCC)

HYCC’s focus is on environmental conservation, restoration, education, and cultural awareness. This program gives individuals the opportunity to work outdoors with environmental agencies across Hawai`i and learn the principles of natural resource stewardship. At the same time, participants gain valuable experience, knowledge, and skills that assist them in continuing their life pursuits.

About the Program: The Gateway Program is an hands-on outdoor summer program that gives youth an opportunity to protect and restore Hawai`i’s environment, earn a $1,175 educational award, the option to apply for college credits, and participate in paid-for training and travel to Oahu and Kahoolawe. Work and camp in some of the most beautiful and remote ecosystems Hawaii has to offer, and do something different this summer! The program is state-wide, so applicants can apply for another island if they have housing and transportation there. If you are interested in conservation, love being outdoors, or want to try something new, this program is for you!

Application deadline is February 28, 2013.
“Big Island Green”
The Gateway Program application

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