Useful Guidelines and Forms for OYP and EOY

These documents are taken from the official CTE website, so it is listed here for your convenience.

BOE Policy CTE #2103
Perkins Act 2006 Overview
HDOE CTE Strategic Plan 2008

15849 and Perkins Expenditure Guidelines
Guided OYP-EYP_SY10
CTE SY12-13 Expenditure Logs

OYP & Amendment Planning TemplateUse this form if you have extra 15849 funds that you want to access during the summer or preserve for next fiscal year. Check with your Accounting Office for guidelines (i.e., limits to how much you can carryover) and to ascertain the deadline for processing the form! Please be reminded that Perkins funding cannot be carried over—balances are collected at the end of the fiscal year and reallocated by the State CTE Office. There is no guarantee that you will get back every dollar of your ending balance.

April 2016 Update:
This fillable PDF template was created by Windward District DRT (thanks, Melissa Mano!) for OYP planning purposes. Nevermind the title on the first page!
OYP & Amendment Planning Template

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