DOH Funding for “Wellness in Schools”

Proposed projects must promote a healthy school environment, standards-based instruction in health or physical education, or staff professional development in these areas. Projects should focus on a sustainable change in policy and/or practice and ideally benefit the entire school community (staff, faculty, students and their families).
Hawaii public schools that scored 75% or higher on the Safety and Wellness Survey for school year 2011-12 are eligible to apply.

Examples of Allowable Expenses
• Equipment or technology related to nutrition, health or physical education
• Standards-aligned curriculum
• Bike racks
• Food that is part of a educational activity and provided as a sample or single serving
• Registration fees, stipends and substitute costs for relevant professional development
• Materials development (e.g., posters, PSA, instructional tools)

For more info:
ennifer Ryan, School Health Coordinator
Hawaii State Department of Health
Phone: 808-586-4490

Application deadline is May 13, 2012

DOH Funding for DOE Projects

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