Hawai`i National Great Teachers Seminar (NGTS)

At the beginning of this new school year (August 3-9, 2013), I was privileged to join a group of enthusiastic and motivated secondary and postsecondary instructors for a week of fellowship and exchange of instructional innovations and solutions to teaching problems. This seminar is “based on the principle that the collective wisdom, experience, and creativity of practicing educators surpass that of any individual expert.” That the seminar, still going strong in its 25th year for Hawaii but 43rd year for the nation, was held in the majestic environment of the Volcano National Park made this experience even more awesome and indelible. The group of 60 participants has formed lifetime professional relationships (ohanas) on which we can collaborate to create greater learning and growth opportunities for our students.

Of the 60 participants, only six of us were at the high school level. Due to funding from the State CTE Office (Bernadette Howard), the seminar registration fee, including travel for off-island teachers, was waived for all six of us. I feel strongly that this is a very special event that more high school CTE teachers should be aware and have the opportunity to experience, and I will work to ensure this opportunity will be offered again for next summer.

Another value-added benefit to my participation in the Seminar was the opportunity to network and connect with UH system’s instructors and counselors. More than half (33) of the participants came from Hawai`i’s six community and three four-year colleges—the entire UH system was represented! One of the mandates of the federal Carl D. Perkins Act is collaboration and partnership between secondary and postsecondary institutions to build the next generation’s capacity and skills for the 21st Century global society. The Hawai`i National Great Teachers Seminar is a good starting point for DOE and UH CC teachers to meet on neutral grounds and network to pursue and achieve that Perkins Federal CTE mission.

In the meanwhile, please feel free to peruse the attached innovation ideas that were graciously shared by Seminar participants. I’ve tried to group them according to themes but obviously there are overlaps. Let me know if you want to contact any of those instructors for more details, etc.—I am sure they will be very welcoming. I did not post their “problems and solutions” because I do not want to use up all the space on this site. Contact me if you want more!

NGTS innovation general ideas
NGTS innovation English ideas
NGTS innovation ESL ideas
NGTS innovation health field ideas
NGTS innovation math idea
NGTS innovation science ideas
NGTS innovation social sciences ideas
NGTS innovation tech CTE ideas

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