Student Learner Outcomes SY2013-14

Many of you may have noted that we have a new series of alphabets for this new school year. At the high school level all grades are considered “non-tested grades” and therefore SLO (Student Learner Outcomes) will be 45% of a classroom teacher’s EES (Educator Effectiveness System) evaluation.

All teachers will be trained by their school’s administrative team. I am sharing information, materials, and forms that we received during the August 28 training. Together we can navigate this new evaluation system…
SLO presentation 8.28.13

Templates for your SLOs:
slo_teacher_template_2013-07-02 (2)
slo_planning_document_2013-07-25 (1)
slo_quality_rating_rubric_2013-07-25 (1)
slo_end_of_term_reflection_2013-07-04 (1)

Samples of SLOs:

CTE teachers may note that these are familiar to the wheels which were distributed in the past.

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