NEED (National Energy Education Development) Workshops

Two free workshops scheduled for the Big Island:
Honoka`a: November 19 at NHERC
Honoka`a workshop
Kona: November 21, venue TBD
Kona Workshop
Good opportunity to learn about energy and energy efficiency in a fun and exciting way at these upcoming workshops. Find out more about Hawaii’s energy situation, fuel sources, electricity rates & usage, and how Hawaii ranks among the nation.
DOE teachers can find the workshops on the PDE3 site: do a course title search with the word “energy.”

Participants get these!
• Hands-on classroom kit worth over $300
Choose from a School Energy Management kit, teaching about energy consumption and conservation, or a Science of Energy kit, teaching about energy transformation.
• Substitute Reimbursement
Hawaii Energy will be providing the funding for teachers to obtain substitutes for their classes.
• Breakfast and Lunch

Contact for more information:
Wendi Moss
The NEED Project
8408 Kao Circle
Manassas, VA 20110

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