Resources for Culinary PBA Research Paper

From time to time, I will post at this page interesting articles and/or resources that may be of use for the Culinary PBA research paper. I realize that students can search the internet for conventional resources, so I will focus my “finds” on the more esoteric sources that they may not be aware.
Check back often to get the latest… Your CTE district resource teacher at work. ^_^

From Businessweek
Two Young Entrepreneurs Pitch Cricket Bars for the Paleo Crowd
Can You Trust Gluten-Free Restaurant Items?
Fast-Food Chains Inch Toward Healthiness
You Are What You Eat, and You Eat What You Earn
Four Great Recipes for Eating a Healthy Lunch at Work

From the Culinary Institute of America (may need to subscribe for access)
ProChef SmartBrief, January 7, 2014
ProChef SmartBrief, January 14, 2014
ProChef SmartBrief archive

From First Nations Development Institute
Reclaiming Native Food Systems
Native Food and Health Fact Sheets
PROGRAMS: A Guide for Creating a Farm to School Program in an Indigenous Community

From Florida Juice
Florida Citrus Recipe Books
Americas Street Eats

From Kohala Center
Island of Hawaii Whole System Project Phase I Report, 2007
Kohala Center Farmer Training Program

From Mother Jones
The 5 Biggest Meat Stories of 2013
Favorite 2013 cookbooks
The Demi-Glace Ceiling: Why Do We Ignore Lady Chefs?
In Which Top Chefs Have Their Minds Blown by Scientists
Can Silicon Valley Make Fake Meat and Eggs That Don’t Suck?
Steak or Veggie Burger: Which is Greener?
Which Fast-Food Kids’ Meal Is the Healthiest?

From The Atlantic
Living Sick and Dying Young in Rich America
Fast-Food Culture Hinders Our Ability to Savor Life
How Not to Die of Botulism

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