Amendments 2014

As we wrap up this semester, it is recommended that all schools review the approved SY2013-14 OYP and start thinking about amendments. Attached is the updated form that Sherilyn Lau wants us to use. Last date to submit amendment is April 4, 2014, but amendments can be submitted any time before that date—the sooner you receive approval, the more time you have to accomplish the activity!

CTE Amendment Request Form Rev 11.2013

Some “easy” steps to consider:
Assess status of approved activities
o Are tasks/goals still on target?
o Will they be completed as per write-up and on time?
Unexpected expenditures?
o If the activity itself has been approved but there is a budget overrun, then decide how the expenditure(s) will be covered.
o If the expenditure is related to the activity but not originally listed, then an amendment is needed.
Approved activity not taking place? Need to do the amendment. It is suggested that your team has “shovel ready” activities handily ready to fill in for the terminated activity.

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