Automotive Instructor Respiratory Safety Program

The following documents are to be used to ensure safety for CTE teachers (and any DOE employees) who use respirators:
Respiratory Protection Program Template
OHSA – Respiratory Protection Standard – 1910

All DOE employees must be cleared to use respirators. Per DOE memo dated 12/31/2011, “School administrators with automotive programs using a spray booth should complete the template then review and implement the program requirements with the teachers who operate the spray booth. CTE State Funds (Program ID 15849) can be used to purchase the necessary respirators, filters, and cleaning supplies needed to keep the spray booth operational. CTE State funds can also be used to pay for the operator’s (teacher’s) medical clearance to utilize respirators.”

The current cost for service to clear the employee is $15.75 plus 4.712% tax. If a physical is needed, cost is $68.25 plus tax.

RespiratorClearancePacket Medical Corner

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