Hawaii National Great Teachers Seminar 2014

Now in its 26th year (but 44th year for the nation), this wonderful program is still going strong in Hawai`i. Last year I and five other CTE teachers joined a group of enthusiastic and motivated postsecondary instructors for a week of fellowship and exchange of instructional innovations and solutions to teaching challenges. This seminar is “based on the principle that the collective wisdom, experience, and creativity of practicing educators surpass that of any individual expert.” It more than achieved its goals.

The fact that the program was held in the majestic environment of the Volcano National Park made this experience even more awesome and indelible. The 2013 group of 60 participants has formed lifetime professional relationships (ohanas) on which we can collaborate to create greater learning and growth opportunities for our students. I strongly encourage teachers to consider this program.

2014 HNGTS
Seminar dates: August 10-15, 2014
For more information:
Cindy Martin, Staff Development Coordinator
Leeward Community College
Tel: 808-455-0483
e-mail: cindymar@hawaii.edu
Hawaii National Great Teachers Seminar

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