SMART Competition

From the current issue of OCTAE (Office of Career, Technical & Adult Education) Connection (Issue 213 – August 28, 2014):
This national activity proposes to engage “high school students in building design using their math, science, and physics knowledge. This year’s competition will feature the redesign of a high school gymnasium.  Students in public and private schools, home-based schools, clubs, and sponsored educational entities may apply.”

Registration deadline: Oct. 31, 2014.

For additional information and to register, please visit this link: SMART Competition
From their overview page:

The students will be mentored by design and engineering professionals. They will use the same techniques and tools the design teams use in many of the country’s best design firms.

For the competition, the students will redesign a gymnasium found on an existing high school campus. All teams will be tasked with redesigning the same building.

The teams will first compete at the regional level with the top team from each region competing at an international event.”

Looks like they also include learning software and energy lessons for this competition.

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