Big Island SHRM Get-A-Life Speakers Bureau

The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) Hawaii Chapter, through their local Big Island business community, is offering FREE speakers on the real world of work to help High School students. Check out their flyer Get A LIFE a real world Look Into Future Employment
or website: Big Island Educational Foundation

The Get-A-Life volunteer speakers provide educators 1 to 2 hours of classroom time (two 50-minute sessions) at no cost. Using small group activities, role playing & demonstrations, the program provides teachers with resources to:

  • Support “school to career” education
  • Help students become more workforce ready
  • Open a dialog between local employers & students

Instructors use interactive activities to show students the importance of communication & how to present themselves to potential employers, introduce tools that help students develop job seeking skills, and motivate young people to prepare for a brighter future as productive, reliable workers.

GET A L.I.F.E. (Look Into Future Employment)

  • Bridges the “skills gap” between education and work
  • Provides students with real life understanding of the workplace

To schedule a speaker for your class contact one of the Get-A-Life volunteer coordinators:

  • Jeracah Lawless
  • Jackie DeLuz
  • Sylvia Dahlby
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