2015 AgDiscovery Program

The APHIS AgDiscovery Program is coming back to Hawaii for its fifth year!
“AgDiscovery is a unique summer program for teenage students [ages 14-17] to gain a first-hand look at the many career paths open to them in the agriculture sciences such as plant and animal science, wildlife management, and agribusiness. USDA APHIS partners with various universities and colleges to deliver the AgDiscovery program at various locations throughout the country. The program allows students to live on a college campus and learn about agriculture from university professors, scientists, and agriculture professionals who work for the government or the private sector in a variety of fields. Students chosen to participate in AgDiscovery will gain experience through hands-on labs, workshops, field trips, and character- and team-building activities.”

To learn more about this unique program, please visit the Web site for more information:
AgDiscovery Program

Free two-week summer program!
Hawaii AgDiscovery Program dates: July 12-25, 2015.
Application Deadline: March 6, 2016
Hawaii AgDiscovery 2015 flyer
AgDiscovery 2015 Application
Hawaii AgDiscovery 2015 Application Package Helpful Hints
Hawaii AgDiscovery 2015 – Essay Helpful Hints

Per Mary Beust: “This year, the Hawaii AgDiscovery Program will again include a teacher component to our program. DOE teachers/counselors/advisors of students selected to participate in the Hawaii AgDiscovery Program will also have the opportunity to participate alongside their students in some of our sessions for their professional development. More details about this opportunity will be provided later. If you have questions about this educator component or the PDE3, please contact Iris Mizuguchi… Iris_Mizuguchi@notes.k12.hi.us, (808) 305-9611.”

For more information:
Mary Beust
Hawaii AgDiscovery 2015 Recruitment Committee
Plant Health Safeguarding Specialist
Honolulu Plant Inspection Station
300 Rodgers Blvd. #58
Honolulu, HI 96819
Phone: (808) 834-3240
Fax: (808) 861-8500

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