Assistance and Templates for APA Research Paper

Xenia Bremseth, former culinary teacher (among many other duties) at Honoka`a High, has developed a template to help students get started on their papers. Included in the template are in-text citation examples embedded within “gibberish” text.

Other examples which can also be found in the PowerPoint document posted earlier. Ms. Bremseth will go over and clarify the template and samples during the in-call meeting today, January 28. The session will be recorded and made available to those who missed the live meeting.

Two versions of the Word document are provided here.
Culinary PBA APA Template
Culinary PBA APA Template

Ms. Bremseth uses a Mac, so if you encounter issues, please let her know and she will try to troubleshoot and/or create a new version for you.
Tel: 808-747-1401

Please note that Ms. Bremseth is in California and that there is a time zone difference of two hours right now. E-mail messages are the best mode of communication. She is very good in responding.

Another valuable resource for your research paper is provided by the State CTE Office:
CTE Writing Integration
Teachers need to access this resource. Check with your DRT for log-in information.

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