STEM Pre-Academy Resources

The STEM Pre‐Academy, a state-funded program under the auspices of the UH System Office of VP for Research and Innovation, “fosters inspiration and relevance in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, primarily through initiatives such as teacher workshops, technical focus sessions, and collaborative interaction between middle school teachers, University of Hawaii Researchers, and government/industry STEM subject matter experts. This teacher‐driven multidisciplinary program helps public middle school educators develop and implement research and technology‐based student curriculum. These include lessons, activities, and projects that correspond to real‐world STEM‐related educational needs and interests as expressed by the educators themselves.”

Check them out in this link: STEM Pre-Academy. You do need to sign up for a free account to explore the site and communicate with them.

Some of the services they provide include:

  • Teacher Workshops, Mini‐workshops, and Focus Sessions
  • 1‐on‐1 technical support
  • Lending library of hardware, tools, and other resources
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