Hawaii P-20 Partnerships for Education Bus Support

Support is to enable students to attend a college, career preparation, or educational field trip. Such field trips should expose participants to the different choices, options, requirements or pathways related to college or different careers. All activities need to align with Hawaii P-20 college access and enrollment strategies:
1) Improve college and career readiness through early academic preparation
2) Expand college-level learning opportunities for high school students
3) Increase access to post-secondary options for every student
4) Increase post-secondary enrollment and successful first-year completion

All field trips are to be well-planned with definite purpose and follow-through in the classroom. Students should understand the objectives of the field trip and their relevance to the classroom curriculum and/or college preparation.

Bus requests should be submitted no later than 3 weeks prior to the event. Link for online application:
Bus Support Request Form

Please make sure to have your bus company send a quote to:
Department of Education
475 22nd Avenue, Room 109
Honolulu, Hawaii 96816
Fax: (808) 735-8379
Please direct inquiries regarding bus quote submittal to Adele Wada or Sharlene Watanabe at (808) 305-9720.

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