2015 Construction Career Day

The Department of Transportation, along with the Federal Highway Administration and their private sector partners, are sponsoring the 2015 Hawaii Construction Career Day event for the entire Hawaii island on Thursday, October 29, 2015 at the AhFook-Chinen Civic Auditorium grounds in Hilo.
HCCD 2015 Flyer – Draft 03.24.15
West Hawaii CAS Memo

March 9, 2016 UPDATE: good article and photos of the 2015 event. GCA Article on 2015 HCCD

9/1/15 UPDATE: Forms now due September 18, 2015 School Registration form SY15-16v2
Please e-mail (in Word or PDF format) completed registration form file to Dan Banks (dan_banks@notes.k12.hi.us), my counterpart for East Hawaii. His contacts numbers:
808.933.3455 office
808.933.0368 fax
808.989.5036 cell
As usual, there is absolutely no penalty for early return of forms.

All of the forms, and background information, that need to be completed can be found on the official CCD website: Construction Career Day forms

Or you can find them on this page:

  1. School Registration form SY15-16v2.Nem
  2. Safety Rules – Dress Code SY15-16
  3. Assumption of Risk-Release SY15-16
  4. studentpubvideorelease
  5. Hawaii Island CCD Student Evaluation 2015.Nem

ADULT (teachers, chaperones, observers, etc.) FORMS

  1. AssumptionofRisk-ReleaseADULT
  2. Adult Publication Video Release Form
  3. Hawaii Construction Career Days 2015 TEACHER EVAL.Nem

This event is for students in grades 9 thru 12. Bus transportation will be provided for both East and West Hawaii public, private and charter schools. Lunch will also be provided. Once they get the head counts for students, teachers and chaperones, they will send out the bus schedules.

Please send a tentative head count to Dan Banks (#1 form form above) for your students and chaperones by September 18, 2015.

As more information becomes available, they will be sending it to you. Please also remember, the Department of Education, rules and regulations regarding student participation will apply. Event dress code:

  • long pants
  • covered shoes
  • t-shirts/polo shirts/dress shirts, no tank tops and no spaghetti straps for the girls.

Students not dressed properly will not be allowed into the construction site where the equipment will be located.

All interested charter and private schools, please contact:
Simone Kalua
Department of Transportation
Highways Division Hawaii District
(808) 933-0647 (808) 933-8869 Fax

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