2016 Big Island Culinary PBA

This is the formal announcement signed by Complex Area Superintendent Art Souza. CAS 2016 memo signed

Important Information:
2016 BIG ISLAND CULINARY PBA announcement.Nem
2016 PBA Challenge.Nem
Instructions for PBA.Nem

Practice assignments from Patti:
sundried_tomato_chicken _practical_exam
Practical Exam Rubric.Nem
Updated April 11, 2016:
Chicken Breast with Sundried Tomato Cream Sauce and Peas.Nem 1breading station

2chix on saran

3divide chix

4saran cover

5pound to even

6mise en place

Knowledge and Skills for PBA 2016.Nem

Required Forms:
Student Publication Audio Release Form
Adult Publication Video Release Form
Code of Conduct 2016.Big Island
Form SA-1 Parent Legal Guardian Authorization 2016 BI Culinary PBA

If you are bringing a guest to the Recognition Luncheon on April 26:
Guest Luncheon RSVP 2016 BI Culinary PBA

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