Mini MERIT (Making Education Relevant & Interactive through Technology) Program

This special program is sponsored and conducted by UH Hilo, which is providing world-class global Google Certified Education trainers from the Krause Center for Innovation (KCI), Los Altos California.
Summer 2016 HI DOE Tech Training

The primary goal of the mini-MERIT Program is to stimulate student learning and interaction through Google Applications, free online cloud services (sharing, storage, blogs, web building), online educational tools (presentation, research, data collection, grading, etc.), mobile devices, and more. Through this program, the sponsor  hopes to create a group of innovative, open minded, and enthusiastic teachers who would like to make Hawai`i students more competitive through technology, provide them alternative and distance education opportunities, increase parent participation and interactivity, and streamline and organize student and teacher workloads. Another goal is to find who teachers will have an opportunity to become part of the instructional team for Year Two of the Program.

This is a comprehensive week-long training that will go far beyond the basics of teaching applications. The Program will be focusing on using and integrating applications into existing classroom lessons, curriculum, and projects to stimulate learning. Additionally, the Program will focus on parent-teacher communication, calendars & planners (student, teacher, parents), class blogs and other group building activities such as creating reusable lessons, utilizing mobile devices and much more. All lessons are taught through repetitive, real world applications that can be replicated in your classroom.

The Program is offered simultaneously on sides of the Big Island. Register in this link: Mini MERIT Program registration
DOE Teachers desiring to have this non-reclassification credits on their portfolios must also register on PDE3. Registration deadline: May 25, 2016.
Course #CTE181012

  • East Hawaii Section #282388
  • West Hawaii Section #282384
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2 Responses to Mini MERIT (Making Education Relevant & Interactive through Technology) Program

  1. karen sheff says:

    Hi Nem,
    I registered for google wshop on west side. Are you going?

    • nemlau says:

      Good for you! I think it will be valuable for you and your students.
      I won’t be able to participate, since I have husband responsibilities and tasks to deal with this summer.

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