GHS Poster & Pictogram Instructions

Many thanks for Central District CTE Resource Teacher Myles Yamamoto for sharing this information. Team work works!

Reminder: HazCom violations are now at $3,150!

  • Place posters in strategic locations especially around the hazardous chemical storage areas and that can be easily read.
  • Label older containers that do not have the symbols on them before GHS pictogram identification came into law. If you are buying new hazardous products make sure it is purchased with the new pictograms in place. If not they (vendors) are selling you old stock. They are required by law to have the updated GHS system labeling in place.
  • Identify the signal words – Danger, Warning, Caution. Read what hazards are identified. Place the pictograms that match the hazards. Most will fall in the corrosive, exclamation (hazard) and flammable areas. Link to the nine pictograms: OSHA Quick Card

Suggestion: Good project to have your students search products and print the SDS sheets to place and update your binder. The first page of the SDS has the corresponding hazard symbols to further help with identifying hazard symbols. examples-of-pictograms-on-1st-page-of-sds You will see that “Simple Green” 2nd sheet does not warrant a pictogram while the others do.

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