2017 Big Island Culinary PBA

Required Forms (please submit originals to Nem; keep a copy for your files):

Update 17 April 2017 (Countdown to event = 10 days!)
2017 registration-district-culinary-pba
2017 teacher-student guidelines.final
2017 Event Rubric.FINAL
2017 BREWER Festival Culinary Scholarship App.17April2017

Update 11 April 2017 (Countdown to event = 17 days!)
2017 Big Island Chocolate Festival Final Agenda

Update 3 February 2017
Message from Patti Kimball:
“Attached are some options for plating samples at the Chocolate Festival. These are very small. I know the first letter I sent said the plates were 6 inches. That will be just too much food. The plates pictured can be provided by the Cocoa Outlet. Students can get some creative ideas from these different plates. If you think it would be helpful, I can send you the round plate which is 3.5 inches in diameter with a 2 inch indentation in the center. The idea is for one or two bites. The guests are tasting so many things, they don’t need too much or it all ends up in the trash. I have only heard from a few of you, so I hope that you are planning to attend and your students are getting their recipes ready. Email or call me anytime. Patti (895-1967)” chocolate-festival-serveware

Effective this SY2016-17, there will not be any Performance-Based Assessments (PBAs) offered at the Hawai`i State level. Per Assistant Superintendent Suzanne Mulcahy’s memo (dated 5 January 2017), “PBAs will be district-administered or school-administered.”

Salient points from AS Mulcahy’s memo:
• Three PBA options at the district or school levels:

1. Design Challenge
2. Skills Challenge
3. Internship

• Each PBA includes all three of the following components. Components are assessed using rubrics developed for, or adapted from State CTE PBAs:

1. Technical writing
2. Oral presentation
3. Performance assessment

• Score Report with names of proficient students must be submitted to the Registrar and State CTE Office by April 28, 2017.

Our Big Island is most fortunate that Patti Kimball (chef, teacher, mentor, and volunteer extraordinaire) is willing to provide our students the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge/skills in a real-world setting. Patti is coordinating a two-prong (school and district) PBA event that will culminate student teams participating in the Big Island Chocolate Festival at the Hapuna Prince, April 28-29, 2017.

Guidelines to consider:
• Patti is in the process of calling local chefs to explain the PBA and ask for their assistance as mentors. Please contact Patti if you have questions.
• The cost of the school-based performance assessment will be the responsibility of individual schools. Patti can provide the cocoa and chocolate, but it is suggested that you ask for donations of products your students need for their recipes.
• The culminating event (Friday-Sunday, three days and two nights) at Hapuna Prince will be paid for by school funds with help from district funds, the Brewer’s Festival Grant, and the Chocolate Festival.

o Individual schools need to cover substitutes and ground transportation.
o Participants (students and teachers) need to cover their personal expenses.
o The use of District’s Perkins fund for the hotel rooms is predicated upon availability and approval/confirmation by OCISS
o Patti’s resources are less restrictive so she will cover meals, supplies, and scholarships

• The Hapuna Prince will be helping us with meals and reduced room rates, so we need to be especially good guests.

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